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Pu Leather Moto Pants Biker Faux Leather Leggings Motor Leggings For Women Sexy Tight Stretchy Rider Leggings Black Women Pants
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It is a hot selling fitness leggings,nice for gym women and who need to lift her butt

Usagre:leather moto pants, motor leggings,biker faux leather leggings

Style No: 82MWSMBL

Color: rider leggings black

Waist:Regular leggings

Collection: women's leather jeans

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Pu Leather Moto Pants Biker Faux Leather Leggings Motor Leggings For Women Sexy Tight Stretchy Rider Leggings Black Women Pants

Pu leather moto pants biker faux leather leggings motor leggings for women sexy tight stretchy rider leggings black women pants

All our pants include leather leggings,camo pants women,jeans for women,shorts for women,leggings,shapewear Is butt lift pants ,push up pants, with same pattern and sculpture effect and slim leg result,and they always in stock. If you are a fan or business man of body shaper,shapewear bodysuit,shapewear slip,we are sure you will be in fond of this pants. Our product covers full seasons ,if you do not like this leather pants outfit , we also supply other pants like suede leather leggings,leather pants,leather look jeans,leather shorts women,you can select more from our collection.The material may a bit different,but it with same feature like extra soft,extra stretchy,four ways stretchable.


Product Parameters

Item: leather leggings
Process Type: Hand made
Material: 20%spandex,80%cotton
Tolerance: +-0.1~+-3cm as per requirement
Surface treatment: Dye,washed
Shipping: Dropshipping 3-20days,wholesale7-15days,custom 30-50days except from shipping
Delivery & Service: By express or by sea or by air, we are flexible to this



Seam Hug Sculpture wear

Seam hug sculpture wear is designed by a team in New York,whose main business was to design shaping wear.The designers awared though their shaping pants wore inside made the female more confident when go outdoors,but the inflexible shaping pants wore inside limit the girl’s activities apperantly,so the idea hit the designers if it is possible to design a shaping pants but wore outside,with fashion look and perfect shaping effect,allow the girls to get rid of the shaping pants wore inside ,liberate their body totaly,make them confident and enjoy freedom fully.In order to make this idea come true, we made hundreds mock-up,tested different fabric and shaping craftsmanship,finally find a perfect solution, we applied with the seam hug sculpture technology and silicon printed techology, made an outside wore pants with simplify look but bum lift effect more obviously than the traditional shaping pants wore inside. As a new fashion hit the market,it is welcomed by girls especially the fitness and gym lady.Since the pants started to sell ,it hit the market fast, for it is simplify look,push up the bum a lot,extra soft and comfy,this pants spread from the fitness and gym girls to the street girls quickly.Now it is a best selling items in fashion circle. More and more fashion brands awared this trend,Our factory is producing for many brands now. In order to satisfy the different brands,we are trying our best to lower the cost ,develop more color options, develop more and more new styles for our customers. If you are a fashion brand or shaping fan,and need production service for this amazing seam sculpture wear,please come back to us asap.




How to know if your four ways stretchable PU leather moto pants biker faux leather leggings moto leggings for women sexy tight stretchy rider leggings black is original?

1. Scratch the anti fake code at the bottom to get the code

2. Go to: www.dshub.site

3. Put the code in the search menu


Product advantages:

1.Two sides stretchable

2. super soft and comfortable like a glove

3.Slim leg

4. Push up effect,butt lift pattern,Sculpture the body well

5. Silicon printed for Shaping

7.Perfect for street wear,gym pants,fitness pants,yoga pants and bodybuilding

8.A lot variation like leather pants, cotton pants,jeans like pants,shorts,middle waist and high waist

9.Only two factories in the world is capable to make it , we are one of them, so if you wear our pants,you will be outstanding in,the street , if you sell it you will almost do not have competitors

10.we focus on this pants, and developing more as more collections as below

Winter workout leggings collection

We supply a lot winter workout leggings collection, include best fleece lined leggings on amazon,leather belted trousers,leather tapered trousers.


High waisted slip shorts collection

We supply a lot high waisted slip shorts collection, include high waisted control knickers,black high waisted shorts,black denim,shorts womens

Ladies black stretch jeans collection

We supply a lot ladies black stretch jeans collection, include black stretch jeggings , Middle waist jeans


Project Cases:
OEM for more than ten brands, but we can not reveal them without allowed from our customer.
Our Service:
1.Dropshipping available,wholesale and custom available,we also offer dropshipping fulfillment ,if you need to make your dropshipping business by shopify automatically by,please contact with [email protected]
2.QC pants piece by piece before packed,do same again before packed if do dropshipping.
3.Anti-fake service available,safety traceability system help you distinguish each pants if it is original.
4.Market protective,if you sell some style of our pants very well,or if you customized any special color from us ,we will supply you exclusive at your country.
5.We can custom the packing bag,branded label,hang tag for customer.
6.we can custom fabric for our customers.
7.Our factory accept your audit if you like.


High Puality

Re-sent for free if quality have problem ,this is our confidence.


Our Advantage:
1.Our jeans factory since 2007, and gym wear since 2016,we are good at making cross-border garment between jeans and knitted garment.
2.Make 3000000pcs per year.
3.Strong ability to develop new tech,new style.
4.Rich experience for USA,EU,AU,UK and Japan market.
5.The whole family and town and all friends occupied in garment industrial, if we need any help relate to craftsmanship ,we will get it very easy.
All prototype products have to go through 4 checks in the whole process:
1. Raw material inspection
2. In processing inspection
3. Final inspection
4. Outgoing inspection


Q1: How to start a project?
A1: 1.If for personal use,please order from https://fourwaysstretchable.aliexpress.com.
2.If wholesale and dropshipping business, contact email [email protected]
3.If need to custom logo and bulk production,please contact with [email protected]
Q2: What shipping way we will use for dropshipping?
A2: We use a D&S hub service, it is a third part agent who stock our pants and sent the parcel, they use hundreds methods to deliver the parcel, and international, once lose parcel or pants have quality problem , we will fine them, so it is very safe.
Q3: Will our dropshipping business compete with our OEM business if we custom from you?
A3: No,for the dropshipping stock is invested by our customer, we just offer him production service ,and sent goods to appointed warehouse belong to the third party ---dropshipper, we just help our customer to sell it,our core business is OEM, once they are in the same market and compete with each other , we will balance them.
Q4: What if other guys copy our brands if we cooperate with you?
A4: 1.We will not reveal your brand if not allowed by you.
2.Once any other guys copy you from market, it is no problem , we offer each pants an Anti-fake hang tag.we bought this service from a third party and the Pin No just available to be searched in appointed website www.dshub.site, if a pants is a fake one, it will without this hang tag, and if fake hang tag then will be distinguished by this website.
Q5: If we use your dropshipping service ,will the customers contact with you directly?
A5: NO,it will not happen. We will not contact with them,once we do it none customer will believe in us , we know this very clear.All the parcels we dropshipping for you will without any information about our factory, if you do not believe in it you can test it. Even if a customer find us in occasional,you just need to declare it to us , we will stop the cooperation with him.
Q6: Will you offer discount if we order big quantity?
A6: Yes, if you order big quantity like 300parcels per day, we will offer discount. And if you save our website , you will find sometimes we also offer discount policy.
Q7: What prior benefit i will get if i dropshipping a lot?
A7: We will supply you new styles in prior and if your are the 10 dropshipping customers, we also will supply all photos and videos by wetransfer to help you build your website.
Q8: Will you develop new styles if we cooperate by dropshipping?
A8: Yes, we have a team focus on developing the new styles all the time ,5new styles each month on average,so you always have new styles to sell,cover the Spring,Summer,Autumn,Winter.
Q9: What should i do when i ad a lot but the pants do not have stock?
A9: No, it seldom happen, once a style start to be sold , we will keep it in stock all the time, never stop selling it.if you find it is no stock, then it will be in stock in several days .our production keep running all the year for this pants, so if any styles or sizes out of stock , it will not keep you waiting too long, we will make it in stock soon,so you can ad it as your willing , it will be in stock always.
Q10: What should i do if the customer complain the quality when i start the dropshipping business?
A10: It will seldom to happen , for the third party agent--- D&S hub will quality check it piece by piece before sent out, and once have this issue , you just need to show photos and tell the Anti-Fake hang tag Pin No,we will re-sent a parcel to your customer, the customer can keep the wrong one. Pair.and we will fine the D&S hub.
Q11: Can i link my website with your store , and make my dropshipping business automatic fulfillment?
A11: Yes,you can,firstly you should have a shopify website, then load an app named Oberlo,link our aliexpress website fourwaysstretchable.aliexpress.com, once your customer order from your shopify website, the oberlo will place the order to our website,and when we sent the parcel, deliver information will be showed at your website, totally automatic. If you still do not know how to work then conact with [email protected], we will help you and sent you a file to teach you step by step.
Q12: If i already custom my goods in china , can you help us to dropshipping it ?
A12: Yes,we really offer this service, it is called branded dropshipping fulfillment business. you can sent your goods to our warehouse in D&S hub,we will dropshipping your goods as our pants, it is available to any countries of the world.but you need to contact with us [email protected] and discuss more,a meeting face to face is better.
Q13: What is the D&S hub?
A13: It is a third party focus on dropshipping business in guangzhou, by now it is the biggest agent in guangzhou ,good at garment dropshipping business, other product also available.
Q14: Is the D&S hub safe?
A14: Yes, it is a big company, and it is a part of the biggest garment supply chain Royal Wolf,once it has any bad behavior, it will be reported to all the Royal Wolf members,all the dropshipping stock investors will stop cooperating with them,they will be in big trouble.so D&S hub is totally safe,it also will help the customers to contact stock investors if needed.
Q15: What is stock investor?
A15: When the dropshipping business grow up in china , some agent start to cooperate with the dropshipping brands,like our Melody pants , some agents believe it is promising to be big , so they agree to help the brand prepare stock, they invest on the production ,and need to share profit from the brand. So the agent will help the brands control the production line,warehouse,and keep the business safe ,but need share profit from the selling,and the dropshipping work will be done by the appointed agent like D&S hub to keep their investment safe.Of course, the investor has strict assessment on the styles and brands, they just invest on the stuffs they believe in , not anything, these agents are called stock investor.

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