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Bum lift pants-Shascullfites Melody pants VS Freddy pants


When discussing the butt raise pants, we should communicate approximately the Shascullfites Melody pants VS Freddy pants, they're the maximum substantial designs for shaping pants, comparable logical however distinct apparently, they're the maximum metal warm gadgets of shaping pants now withinside the USA, EU, ZA, AU, JAP, CA, CHINA and UK, comparable look and raise the hum well, however, what's the distinction among them? As a person studied and developed bum raise pants for girl greater than eight years, I screen all of the mystery as below

1.The structure is different, as below

Shascullfites Melody pants with the extra seam to hug and shape the waist, details as below

Shascullfites Melody Pants has no crotch to prevent crotch cracking and cutting off the bottom, as shown in the actual photo below.

2.Fabric is different

Shascullfites Melody pants use a fabric with a density of 280-320 g/m2 so you can't see through. Freddie uses a fabric with a density of 180-260 g/m2, which looks very cheap.

3.Factory directly VS Factory indirectly

Shascullfite's Melody pants are sold directly from the factory. Reply to the comments quickly. You can see that Shascullfite's Melody pants are updated quickly and the quality is good and stable. Freddie is indirect. They don't have a factory. They transfer the products to Indonesia. You will find that they are good for customers Feedback is blind and stubborn for so many years and still has not solved the problem of fabrics and holes.

4.Attitude to Business is different

Although Shascullfites Melody supports wholesale and direct sales, their main business is B2B. They are happy to provide brand services for any brand in the world. Every customer benefits from style and can build a brand foundation. In this design, on the contrary, Freddie Mac is very selfish, they only make a profit, and they operate in a monopolistic market. Their international sales and complaints are thousands of times more each year. The retail price is US$80-120, while the retail price of Shascullfite's Melody is US$40-60. The total price of branded products is US$12. In contrast, purchase Shoppers of Freddy pants were stolen, annoyed, but had no choice, but now Shascullfites Melody offers a better option.

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